On the Prowl

US Coast Guard Inspected & Certified for Safety

The Prowler 5
is a 80 foot super cruiser, and is SUPER FAST
to the fishing grounds.

All Trips Include:

  • Comfortable Fishing
  • We supply the Bait
  • Comfortable & stable ride
  • Helpful assistance from the crew
  • Optional Biggest Fish Pool

More Features:

  • Snacks & Sandwiches
  • Clean Men's & Women's Restrooms
  • Tackle & Rigs available
  • Rental Poles available
  • Fish Cleaning Service




New Summer Schedule effective immediately. Fluking every day 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and every Saturday afternoon 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The fare is a little bit cheaper - full fare is $60, senior fare is $55 and $35 for kids. Monday's senior fare is $45. We have the speed to make up time if we need to head to Monmouth Beach or off-shore. Blackfish opens up in the fall we will sail 7:30am.

Wednesday July 18th Fluke Report

Hey gang me and Mark Burulia had the boat out today with a light crowd of only 14 customers. Too bad because we had a great fishing day a lot of big Fluke on the boat today with limits Vick had 8 pounder and had his limit. We had some Big Sea Bass also regular Mike was runner up with a 6 pounder and had his limit and a couple other limits on the boat. Captain Mikey from the Sea Hawk sent a couple of his guys over today. Lloyd and Joe fished the bow and they had 5 nice keepers in the cooler they said they released over 40 shorts. Great day to be out on the water. We took a further ride with the speed of our boat and it was well worth it. Can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow. So come join us. Thanks Captain Scott

Senior Day Monday July 16th Fluke Report

Hey gang we had 30 customers pretty much all regulars again, regular Gary had 2 nice keepers Don had a couple nice keepers, Bob had a couple nice keepers No Limits today some with just one keeper some with just shorts Marko and Al worked real hard again today did a great job on Deck we had a beautiful Breeze out on the water today where we fished.. See you in the morning thanks Captain Scott

Sunday July 15th Fluke Report

Hey Gang. We sailed with a pretty nice size crowd of regulars today despite some early thunderstorms. I made the first couple of drifts in-between the channels and we landed a few nice keepers. We bounced around a bit and ended up finding a nice patch of fish that we stayed on until it was time to go home. There were a few limits onboard with a nice spread of keepers and some with just shorts. The pool fish was a nice 6lb fluke landed by Prowler regular Vic. Final count was 32 keepers. Captain Jack's report

Saturday July 14th Fluke Report

Hey gang nothing great today we fished hard to put 18 keeper fluke in the boat with some short action no limits some nicer fish but not good by any means we had 30 customers today Anyway Captain Jack will be at the helm tomorrow Sunday with John Mcgivney and Mark Burulia

Friday July 13th Fluke Report

Hey gang My report is similar to yesterday's report lot of action on Fluke shorts and nice keepers we had 27 customers aboard today one limit several guys would 2 keepers some with 1 and some with just shorts we had good conditions all day until late afternoon when we had to retreat back to the Bay when the drift got to fast once again the oceans been flat calm and will be tomorrow Saturday so come down and see us tomorrow morning one footnote we're not going to go 330pm trip tomorrow so if you want to fish come down in the morning daytime thanks Captain Scott Mark Burulia and John Mcgivney and myself will see you in the morning

Wednesday July 11th Fluke Report

Hey gang 17 customers today we had a slow pick until we went out to where there was some fish being caught this afternoon in the new area will be fishing there tomorrow morning come on down and join us also Prowler5 shirts are $20 Thanks Capt. Scott 

Tuesday July 10th Fluke Report

Hey gang we had a decent crowd of 27 customers for another beautiful day out on the water we didn't have the fishing that we had yesterday we did manage to boat some nice big keepers in the morning until we lost the drift one limit today and just slow pick on the keepers with the shorts anyway looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow pretty much all regulars came up to the boat today we look forward to having you on our boat see you in the morning thanks Captain Scott

Monday July 9th Fluke Report

Senior day good Fluking with limits- gang we had some really quality big fish on the boat today Bob of Somerville had his limit with others and several had 2 Keepers beautiful day to be out on the grounds we ended up with 28 customers not bad Captain Jack had 40 customers yesterday Mark Burulia and Al work deck today and did a great job all day thanks Captain Scott 

Sunday July 8th Fluke Report

We started out in the ocean. Some big swell on rough bottom with good short action and some nice keeper fluke up to 7 pounds along with sea bass. Pool fish was caught by Jay Jung of Staten Island. Weather looks great for tomorrow. Don't forget, it's Senior day tomorrow (Monday). Report from Captain Jack.

Thursday July 5th Fluke Report

Hey gang we fished in the ocean 1st time this year down off Monmouth Beach some big Fluke a lot of short fluke and some nice big sea bass beautiful day out on the ocean 23 customers with Mark Burulia for my crew great people on the boat Had my friends Keith Resorl and his daughter Cheyenne and Bennett Jackson formerly of the New York Giants now plays safety for the Baltimore Ravens great people on the boat today anyway it's going to rain 90% tomorrow so our next trip will be this Saturday July 7th thank you Captain Scott we look forward to having you on the boat

Tuesday July 3rd Fluke Report

Great day with limits July 3rd Tuesday easy day Hey gang we sailed today with only 4 customers,after having 50 customers the other day go figure. Sometimes it's fun to experiment, try new areas that haven't been fished. I found fluke at the mouth of our river including myself and 4 other anglers everyone had their limit plus we released another 30 or 40 fluke great drift all day back at it in the morning.


Sunday July 1st Fluke Report

Captain Jack had the boat out today with John Mcgivney and Mark Burulia they had 50 customers on the boat today mostly all regulars Jack said he worked hard to put 20 Keepers in the boat with the short action he did not really have a drift all day hopefully tomorrow conditions are better, he said it was so hot today out there he finally broke down and put the air conditioning on today see you guys in the morning for Senior Day thanks Captain Scott

Saturday June 30th Twilight Fluke Report

Hey Gang Captain Jack had 23 customers yesterday afternoon and had very slow fishing no conditions no drift only a handful of keepers on the Fluke Captain Jack has a full boat of customers today and will give a report later I will see you guys for Senior Day tomorrow morning Monday 
Capt. Scott

Saturday June 30th Fluke Report

Good fluking with limits hand 12 anglers today, everyone on the boat had at least 2 and keepers 4 limits. Jack and the crew will see you in the a.m.

Friday June 29th Fluke Report

Hey gang, we had 37 customers on a hot sunny day. Always a little cooler out on the water. We banged away at keepers and short action all day. Kids and the girls did well today. I have the boat tomorrow, Saturday with Mark Burulia, John McGivney and Zavier. Captain Jack has the 330pm to 830pm trip. Captain Jack will also be at the helm on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you at the dock. Come down and join us. Thanks, Captain Scott

Thursday June 28th Fluke Report

Hey gang. Not a lot of people down at the dock today. Only the Sea Tiger, the Angler and the Atlantic Star sailed out of Atlantic Highlands Harbor today. Tomorrow looks great though. We will be sailing tomorrow with good conditions. See you in the morning. Thx. Capt. Scott

Wednesday June 27th Fluke Report

Hey hang, I had the boat out again with Mark Burulia and Big Al for my crew. We had 19 customers on the boat. I flew out to the grounds where we've been catching fish. I didn't have the right conditions with the wind against the tide and I couldn't keep the boat in the channel. I used the speed of our boat today on the prowl for fish and put a couple extra fish in the coolers. Nothing great today. No limits, some nice fish, some did better than others, some with 2 keeper fluke, some with 1, some with just shorts. Have a few regulars coming tomorrow so we'll see what happens in the morning. Well Saturday, I ended up with 27 customers and it was raining. So hopefully we'll be back out again tomorrow. Thx., Capt. Scott.

Tuesday June 26th Fluke Report

Hey 17 customers on the boat today good conditions we had everyone fish the starboard side lines went out nice with hardly any tangles - had a few limits and all went home with fluke dinner Mark Burulia and big Al did a fine job again, nice easy day for me I was able to keep the boat in the center all day.. back at it tomorrow see you guys in the morning thanks Captain Scott

Monday June 25th Senior Day

Hey gang I had the boat out today with Mark Burulia and Zavier for my crew on this gorgeous day out on the water anyway we had 22 customers 16 of them being Seniors and we pick at keepers and shorts we had one good drift where we were pulling some fish then we had ship traffic come through slow our fishing down at the end of the day, had the engines running all day. Looking forward to getting back out there again Tuesday thx Capt. Scott

Saturday June 23rd Big Fluke 8.4 Beauty!

Hey gang, only 3 open boats sailed this morning from Atlantic Highlands Harbor. Us and the two half day boats, the Star and Sea Tiger. The Sea Hawk and Fisherman had charters. I kind of new we'd be getting out today from the emails (even with the rain). I was pleasantly surprised as we ended up with 27 customers today. The deckhand from the Anger, Louis Mazzuca, is with out with me today and he brought a couple regulars from the Angler with him. One being Chet Turko who landed another beauty 8.4 lbs. It's actually pretty nice out here. Not raining and very calm. We're banging away at keepers and shorts. I'll add some more pics later this afternoon. And, as I posted, the new Prowler5 shirts are in. They come in grey, black and navy blue. Thanks Jose of the Angler they came out great. Capt. Jack will be at the helm tomorrow, Sun. June 24th. with Mark Burulia, John McGivney and Zavier, the working man. I was telling Capt. Mikey of the Sea Hawk, that kid is so good, he's a natural. I'll be back at the helm on Monday morning for Senior Day, $45 fare. That trip seems to be working out well. Also, $5 off the fare for police officers and firemen of this great country of ours. Thank you to the great women and men who serve. 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Come on out and do some fishing with us. We look forward to seeing you at the dock and having you on the boat. Thx., Capt. Scott

Friday June 22nd Good Fluking Continues

Another Good Trip - Hey gang we had 15 customers on our boat today and had good fishing again, we had a good drift all day with 5 limits and our Philadelphia came out again and had their limit- those guys are so much fun to have on the boat ,Joe the wood butcher was going to go half day because of the weather told me he was glad I talked him out of it as he had his limit also, We boated some really big nice quality Fluke again I think it's like 6 trips in a row now we've also been out 11 straight days with the new summer time schedule 800am to 2:30pm plus I've been using the power of our boat flying out to the grounds at 23 Knotts, Mark Burulia and big Al work hard again today and did a great job, I have peeps coming even if it's raining tomorrow Saturday June 23th so we will see you guys in the morning and Captain Jack will have the boat on Sunday and don't forget about our special Senior Day on all Mondays $45 fare, I also have the Prowler 5 shirts for all you guys that were asking for them .. The colors are Gray - Navy Blue - and Black . Double X extra Large. Large and Mediums My favorite is the Grays they look awesome thx Captain Scott

Tuesday June 19th Fluke Report

Great Fluke fishing with 8 limits Tuesday June 19th, regular Gary had his limit again that's 3 straight trips for him,it was an easy day for us today had 8 peeps all had there limits sometimes with a light crowd it's easy to catch the fish that was the case for us today I spent all day on deck fishing I caught a 7 pounder 2 keepers my self and released a bunch of shorts great day.pool fish was 4lb was a lot of fun on the water with Mark Burulia and big Al for my crew . we'll see you guys in the morning ..800am-230pm Daily-330pm-830pm Saturdays- Senior Day on Mondays $45 fare thx Cap Scott.

Monday June 18th Fluke Report

Good fluke trip Monday June 18th Hey gang we had 17 customers aboard today the bow did great today with limits lot a nice fish on about today had the engines run an all day again even stayed out a little later today dock around 3 o'clock. Mark Burulia great job today very busy on Deck.. fun day out on the water ..myself and marko and al will see you guys in the morning..

Sunday June 17th Fluke Report

I just got off the phone with Captain Jack he has 72 customers today wow I knew we were going to have a lot with the emails and calls but I didn't think we would have that many he's up to eight Keepers so far.. it will be less crowded during the week I will be running tomorrow Monday don't forget it's special Senior Day $45 fare see you at the doc here's a few pics from last night's catch..

Saturday June 16th Fluke Report

Hey Gang I spoke to Capt Jack earlier this morning he said they have 12 keeper fluke still on the first drift. We have 50 customers on the boat today. We also have a special senior citizen trip every Monday for the rest of the year for $45. Also $5 off for Police Officers and Veterans. Group rates any day of the week. Capt Jack, myself, Marko, Johnny and Al look forward to having you on the PROWLER 5.. Everyday 8:00am-2:30pm plus Saturday 3:30pm-8:30pm.. Thank You Capt Scott..

Update - Much better fluking today with limits, the crew was very busy today. Getting ready to go back out at 3:30pm..

Update - Jack said he left the fluke bitting pool was a beauty 7lb , limits and alot of nice fish on the boat, I have the boat out now for the 330pm trip with 15 peeps.. Captain Jack said to come on down tomorrow morning he's looking forward to getting back out with Marko and Johnny for his crew.

Big fluke 330pm to 830pm hey gang I had the boat out and it was a good trip I had the engines running pretty much all afternoon we landed some real nice quality fluke everybody had a great time I had 15 people on the trip very comfortable to fish on this Saturday afternoon trip people really enjoy it

Friday June 15th Fluke Report

Hey gang we had that strong wind again 1st thing this morning we had 25 customers on our boat today, couple guys even came from Philadelphia.. we picked away at Keepers and short Fluke, I was using the speed of our boat today 20 knots I fish hard today, not the great Fluke fishing that I wanted today, several guys had 2 keepers some had 1 keeper, some with just shorts and a few with none.. no limits for us today, the pool fish was a nice fish, great people aboard looking forward to having them back again, the good news is Captain Jack going to have good conditions where he caught fish last week and we will not have that strong wind that we had the last two days I'll see you all at the dock tomorrow for the 3:30pm to 8:30pm trip thanks Captain Scott.

Thursday June 14th Fluke Report

Hey gang we had a light crowd of 8 anglers on the boat today strong winds NW 25mph good drift all day. Bob won today's pool with a 4lb, regular Gary had his limit today and everyone had at lease 2 keepers.. we had a total of 17 Keepers Fluke for the day. Busy weekend coming up Jack will be running Saturday daytime with Johnny and Al I'll be running the 3:30 trip Saturday afternoon and Jack will also be running Sunday's trip with Marko and Johnny.. Great have Marko back on the boat full time again .plus it's going to be a fun Blackfish season thx Capt.Scott.

Wednesday June 12th Fluke Report

Gang a few of the big boats didn't even make it out today but we sailed with 13 customers had a few limits on fluke today little bit of a ride where we've been fishing found fish in the deeper water and pick away at keepers and shorts again.. New summer schedule sailing 8 a.m. everyday returning 2:30 p.m. I really like the new time because I'm always getting emails that they get stuck in traffic and missed the boat, plus it's a little cheaper on the fair $60 for full $55 for senior citizens and $35 for kids when we start blackfish in the fall I'll return to 7:30 a.m. see you guys in the morning thanks Captain Scott

Saturday June 2nd Fluke Report

Hey gang me John Mcgivney and Al had the boat out today with a good crowd of prowler5 regulars..we picked away at keepers and good short action all day..Bad whether the next few days with 30mph east so our next trip will be Tuesday June 5th thanks captain Scott..

Wednesday May 30th Fluke Report

Hey gang we had a much better day than yesterday, we had dense fog this morning we had 12 fares Dwayne Coppinger was back on the Prowler5 again today.We had several limits others with 2 and some one..everyone had at least a keeper Fluke and we had good short action most of the day. Had a good drift all day 0.8 to 1.2. Here's a few pictures See ya tomorrow 530am thanks Captain Scott

Tuesday May 29th Fluke Report

Hey gang we were out today May 29th Tuesday with 14 Prowler5 regulars Dwayne Coppinger and others beautiful day out on the water we picked away at keepers with short action when we started to get a drift here's a few picks from today.. See ya at 5:30 a.m. thanks captain Scott.

Monday May 28th Fluke Reprt

Hi gang we had tough conditions this morning with wind against the tide we had some shorts action on most of the drifts just not too many keepers.. Towards the end of the day we tried a new area and ended up putting some nice keeper fluke in the boat..Captain Jacks report..

Saturday May 26th Fluke Report

May 26th Saturday good Fluking continues - Hey gang Captain Jack found some nice Fluke right away 1st thing this morning with limits.. Joe Simoes of Harrison won the pool with a 6 pound fish.. family regulars on the boat again today, Captain Jack will be at the helm again Monday with Johnny and Al thx cap. Scott here's a few pic. from today PS Sunday going to be a wash out with east winds 25 to 30 and heavy rain. so next trip will be Monday May 28th.

Friday May 25th Fluke Report

Good 1st fluke trip May 25th Friday, Hey gang I had the boat out today with 14 regulars.. several limits everyone on the boat went home with fluke dinner.. Great drift all day.. Captain Jack and John and Al will see you guys in the morning and I will see you for the 330 trip tomorrow afternoon here's a few picks from today's catch

Sunday May 20th Striped Bass Report

Hey gang Regular Joe Simoes boat beauty I have the boat out today with Johnny and big Al for my crew today, Next trip Wednesday and Thursday the last day of bass fishing we have a private corporate charter.. Fluke starts Friday everyday 730am to 230pm Captain Jack myself Johnny and I look forward to seeing you guys on the dock and having a great season thanks Captain Scott.

Thurs. May 10th Striped Bass Report

There's been some big bass rolling on bunkers in the morning. We were out yesterday, Wednesday with 14 customers but couldn't find them with the dense fog in the morning. It's been a morning bite with shads and jigs and have tons of fresh clams salted on the boat for bait also. Slow day yesterday we didn't tried today. We will be lighting up tomorrow Friday. Captain Jack will have Jim Benson's charter out on Saturday daytime May the 12th. So we will only be sailing the 3:30pm to 9:00pm trip on Saturday. P.S. We will not be sailing Sunday Mother's Day May 13th. It's usually a slow day and the weather doesn't look that great. Thx., Capt.Scott

Sun. May 6th Striped Bass Trip

Hey gang, Saturday we had 40 stripers boated with a few keepers fishing in the back Bay. Sunday's fishing was slow with just a handful of shorts. Sailing everyday now 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Also, we added every Saturday afternoon 3:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. P.S. We have a charter this Saturday, May 12th daytime 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We will be sailing our 3:30 p.m. to 9:00p.m. trip. Me and Capt. Jack will see you at the dock. Thx, Capt. Scott

Sun. April 22nd Striped Bass Trip

Sunday April 22nd Stripe Bass report - Hey gang beautiful day on the water fish the same area as yesterday lot of boat traffic today fishing was better yesterday but we still picked away at keepers with short action Kevin Kouch won the pool of Washington Township, Next trip Saturday April 28th 730am to 230pm and Sunday 730am to 230pm. Captain Jack and me and the crew look forward to seeing you next week thx Capt. Scott..

Sat. April 21st Striped Bass Trip

April 21st - Saturday - good Striped Bass trip, Hey gang had a light crowd of regulars today under a dozen people. Everyone just about landed a keeper on the boat with plenty of short action in the mix again. All bass were caught on fresh clams. Angel of Hoboken was our pool winner and Mark of Stewartsville was 2nd runner up. Going to be another beautiful day tomorrow. Me, Shane and Al will see you in the morning 5:30 a.m. Thx., Capt Scott. Here's a few pics from today.

Sat. April 14th 1st Striped Bass Trip

Hey gang Captain Jack had the boat out today it was a beautiful day to start out the season for us, we had a nice crowd of regular customers and picked away at some keepers with plenty of shorts in the mix. Phat Kai of Jersey City our pool winner and Robert Howard was the second runner up from Plainfield N.J..Next trips Sat April 21st and Sun April 22nd thx Captain Scott.

Prowler5 - Starting April 14th - Striped Bass

Hey gang. Starting April 14th the PROWLER5 will be fishing every Saturday and Sunday for a Striped Bass using fresh clams for bait and jigs. Me, Captain Jack and the crew look forward to seeing you at the dock this 2018 Season. Thank you Captain Scott.







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